E-Saraswati - Feature Rich Mobile Application

Take your school management process to cloud 9 with E-Saraswati Mobile App

Enjoy the benefits of our feature-rich smartphone application that aims to manage all your school information efficiently. E-Saraswati is a customized school management app for Android and iOS with a login for Student, Parent, Teacher, and Management, giving real-time information for the most recent happening at the school.


E-Saraswati App

E-Saraswati is an easy to use mobile-based school management system, opted by a large number of schools in India. It is an online school ERP app that brings all the school processes into a single application, you can keep students, teachers, and parents on the same page with customized dashboards and email / SMS notifications on mobile and web.

Core Modules

Make your school management process hassle-free with E-Saraswati school management mobile application. Our school management mobile application consists of all the core modules that aid you manage your school efficiently. With the all-new E-Saraswati mobile application students/teachers/parents can view attendance, homework, assignments, timetable, exam reports, results, notice board, fees details and much more.

Fees Management

Users can now track comprehensive information regarding fee schedule, fee paid, upcoming installment, and pending installments for all the fee to be paid.

Latest News And Updates

E-Saraswati mobile app provides you a complete timeline view to check recent updates, assignments, remarks, holidays, homework, fees, results related information that is being sent by the school on a regular basis.

Daily Attendance

Teachers and Parents can get a detail view of the student attendance in the current academic year including presents, absentees, and leaves.